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ning sites plattform

is it possible to post to ning sites with GSA eg -


  • SvenSven

    ning was once included but they changed there system so heavily that I didn't manage to update it.

    Please have a look into the ning.ini file coming with SER.

  • wait......... so you mean i cant upload my precreated accounts on a text. file with login details and be able to make a post / or its impossible to create new accounts ? elaborate , or the platform is not functioning anymore
  • read again
  • SvenSven
    you might be able to post to it with your accounts. Please just check the ning.ini file. I didn't had a look at that platform for a long time.
  • you can check that for me because am thinking of purchasing the bot tomorrow specifically for ning tasks thats why i want to be sure
  • SvenSven

    your social bookmarking sites are from the engine "WPRO SOSBOK" and thats included.

    For ning, sorry, but please test that yourself. I don't have ning accounts. NING is not officially supported.

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