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"Pause the project after" is never working for me... Some help very appreciated, thanks

I'm trying different methods to pause my project, but no one is working for me. The tutorials suggest different way to set this function, but I can't find only ONE that works... :-(

Someone (OZZ I think) suggested to set the PAUSE after "submissions" and not after "Verified", but this way I think it's absolutely very imprecise. It depends of the % of verified versus submitted, but this % can vary a lot from one project to another, or can change day by day.

E.g., if one day my verified urls are 5% of the submitted, one day after it can be 10% or 50%, so it's impossible to know how many verified I will get if I stop the project after, let'say, 200 submitted.

The PAUSE after n. X verified per URL, same it doesn't work well, because if I want to stop after 20 verified urls, and I have 150 thread working, probably even if SER stop the submissions after to get 20 verified, there are still 150 thread working and I can get maybe 30 or 50 other verified urls.

Now I was trying to PAUSE a project after TOTAL 750 verified (without tick the URL box), with a step of +-30, but this morning I have discovered on my vps that SER stopped that project only after... 1321 verified urls!

Which is the solution?



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