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Error messages for email accounts

edited January 2014 in Need Help
Since 2 weeks I'm getting every day many error messages for my email accounts.

When I first used SER, I used 20 hotmail accounts that I got from banditim for free. Everything was working very well.
After I bought 1500 more hotmail accounts, and I putted 100 inside Gsa SER. So I started to get problems, like in the picture down.

I tried to change and put other fresh accounts, and still errors. Now I'm using other new 15 hotmail and 10 outlook accounts, and always the same messages.

Anyone know what can be my problem?

1 - Messages for hotmail accounts:


2 - Messages for outlook accounts:


3 - My settings



  • edited January 2014
    yes me too , after that update spam , i get this‎ error on gmails , then there are connection time out problems
    and sometimes errors on desposable ones too . never happened before .
    my settings-
    wait 15 mins 
    use proxies 
    delete messages when link found
    delete older than 5 days
  • SvenSven

    @DonCorleone this might have happened before, just that you didn't noticed it in all the log messages.

    Im sorry guys but maybe it's just temporary, and email checking worked on another attempt later on.

  • Ok @Sven, thank you fr the answer.
    Anyway, even if there are this red messages, GSA Ser is working well and is building urls a good velocity.

    Just I'd like to know if my settings of emails are correct  (last image, last 5 options).
  • SvenSven
    @peterperseo yes looks good to me. If you don't use the emails anywhere else, you can as well use the option to delete all emails. This speeds things up a bit.
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