VPS want's to shut me down

I have GSA running on my VPS for a month and now the sent two letters in a row telling me that my account is using more load that is allowed. My allowed is 4.00 and it used 40. They don't allow me to see how much my vps using at any given moment, they just shut me down or ask me to upgrade. This is absurd: I have 2GB ram and 2 cores. I am running 100 threads with 10 proxies and 3 projects scraping links.

What do I do, I am using HostWinds.


  • use a different VPS and tell them to F-off...you get what you pay for, bub.
  • HW in my opinion is not good for a Windows VPS. There are dedicated hosting sites which does all this SEO stuff like SolidSEOVPS, PowerUpHosting, etc. Go with them instead.
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