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How to setting the Contextual link?

Hi everyone,
I saw some posts talking about build Quality Campaign used the "tier contextual link",
i have checked lot's posting, but no one detailed instructions how to operate!
who can you give me some details to learn?
if have video will be best.




  • goonergooner
    If you don't know how to set up a campaign like that then probably best you don't use it.

    In my opinion that level of complication is not necessary, just set up a simple 3 tier campaign and see how rankings are before you decide that you need something so complex.

  • Plus the arrows are pointing the wrong way  \:D/
  • That picture is from Asia Virtual Solutions 7 tier package.. Like gooner said, if you are unsure how to build a campaign like that, just start with a simple campaign and learn the functions (search the forum!). Or just purchase it from where you found it..
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