backup all projects - what will be saved ?

Hi all,

if I make a backup of all projects (backup all) - what will be saved in this backup ?

I know I have to backup options, too to get all options backed up but will all project settings and all links (failed, submitted, verified ect.) been saved ?

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  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    the project backup saves all settings, data, history and whatsoever belonging to a project. However it does not save the global settings.
  • Great. Thanks...
  • Hi @Sven, I just update to the last version 7.98 in my home Windows 7 Starter SP1 . I create a project than I try to backup and it says "an error occurred with the application " then 3 options Continue, Restart or Close. And backup is not created. In my VPS , GSA SER 7.98, on Windows Server 2012 Standard I have created a project than I export it. No errors goes perfectly. Than I try to import to my home windows 7 and nothing happens ... not even a error message nothing . How can I solve this ? Thanks
  • I tried to reinstall it in my Windows 7 .. and now , after 3 attempts, It doesn't allow me to register or even go without register ..damn
  • Register is working (copy paste was not copying last char)
  • The problem is that GSA could not write in the file path that I have chosen (through GSA window) I've found this reading the bug reported generated .. kind of weird but have changed that and now it's working
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