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Backlinks Maid - Ultimate Links Cleaner/Google Penalty Revoking tool

igl00FTWigl00FTW Russia
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Avoid Google Penalties!


Clean your link lists QUICKLY and SAFELY to avoid dropping a single back link that is Considered Evil to Google’s Algorithms!


BackLinks Maid


  • Clean back link lists using private & public spam / malware databases.

  • Revoke Google Manual Penalties due to bad links


  • Checks Indexation, Page Rank, Moz Rank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, Alexa.


  • Export link lists with Above stats saved to CSV or TXT file.


  • Clean your freshly scraped link lists from GSA SER, Xrumer, ScrapeBox, Magic Submitter, Backlink Beast or any other SEO software.





BAD Links = BAD Rankings!!!


Google pays big attention within their SEO algorithm on where your links come from.


Not only if they are from same niche but also if the domains and sites are quality.

This is how negative SEO has arisen – you can put your competitor's links on nasty domains and he will loose rankings.


You can do this to yourself too by just scraping links and then posting to them without any additional cleaning of the list. Many legit sites have killed themselves in this way!



BackLinks Maid Cleans your links from known Malware / Spammy sites.


  • We use a large database of spam / malware sites and lots of filters you can choose from like indexation of domain/website, Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority and others.


  • We use the biggest database of public malware/spam websites but also.. we have private databases, hand moderated by top SEOs. That value that you cannot find anywhere else.




Already Have Penalties from Google?

Its already too late and You got manual penalty ? No problems. Load all links Google has found on You and let Backlinks Maid clean them. After that disavow the evil links found and get Google Manual Penalty Revoked!

Backlinks Maid

Because BlankReferrer kills the sales link on the button above just copy+paste this url to your browser directly:

Check out some of our Tutorials to see How you can use Backlinks Maid to:



  • for any problems with the button you can also just visit: to read more/see videos/purchase
  • Anybody have a review of this program ?
  • on this forum propably somebody has it but a preety good review thread you can see here:
  • ive bought it from mailing - works a charm IMO.
  • Gonna give this a try, just bought.
  • Looks OK so far, I need to test on a few more domains. I'm fairly sure that a few have penalties, just hope this little tool can pick up on the bad links. 

    Question: Is there a better (free) service to download backlink profiles other than Majestic? I don't want to pay Ahrefs money as I don't like monthly fees.
  • i use ahrefs personally + you can use google WMT [i dont really do that as i believe helping them in their job is not cool].

    of course if u have a brand not an LP and u get penalty.. theres no other way than disavow.
  • Hi,

    I am facing problem of 100% penalty from Google Updates. Then I purchased your tool. Sound great.
    I am having problem in Exporting Evil Links because I don't know which options i should "Select" so that I can have links of those websites that are making reason to low my ranking.
    See the Screenshot image

    Kindly provide me all these Tutorials in another Video format because YouTube isn't working here even not with Proxy. So give me another source to Download Tutorial Videos, shall thankful..
  • hey.
    to keep it clear:
    lets say u want to take only evil:
    pu yes only for evil - all rest leave as ignore.

    want indexed? put evi lto ignore, put indexed to yes.

    hope that makes it a bit clearer. mainly what you say to yes it checks for all options.
    so if you choose both evil + indexed at yes - it will give you those that are indexed but evil only [not just all evils]
  • new option/filter added:
    automatically grab keywords that google hates and seek for domains.

    how do we know google hates them? because if you use them in google suggest - they get censored.
    of course its optional to use that filter.
  • I just purchased BL Maid and when I try and run it I receive a message saying that the application was blocked by security settings. I tried changing the Java security settings, but nothing changed. Has anyone run into this?

  • Good to see more reviews on this
  • I just want to get it up and running. It seems pretty sweet!

  • Having same problem as BradM - tried changing security settings but does not work - any solutions?
  • I'm looking for some discount! Please pm me if you have coupon for this software igl00
  • $39 is a good price. I just want to get my copy to work. 
  • Please check Payment Id: AP-8H286152587101332 and give me the link to download, the lincense!
    Thank you!
  • Hi Guy! I was purchase for you but over 10 hour I don't receive yet! I was send you email but I also don't receive reply yet!
    BradM, Igl00
  • answered you! sorry for delay but im mad busy + we have so many sales of this due to peopel taking off their penalties.. that i sometimes dont follow :)

    anyways be relaxed your license is safe - check email.
  • Does it check lists of 100k+ for Google indexing and PR without proxies?
  • withotu proxies i doubt. but i can tell - this is a decent tool i took off 1 penalty with it within like 5 days. amazing really
  • Where's the support on this? I wrote like 5 times and no one response back

  • try to hit ig00 directly, he always anserws -
  • Is there away to know if we have a badlinks on our domains? Before purchasing this?
    A simple test will be fine
  • Does anyone know what happened to igl00? I bought the backloinksmaid a while ago. Never got a confirmation nor the software... 
    his blog isnt updated since months. seems like he disappeared...
    does anyone know where I can get the software? I need it urgently and as I said I already paid it...
  • What happen to this?
  • Soft is down but he wrote me they are recoding it to v2.0 and should be up soon
  • @Molotov when did he write to you? Today?
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