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Unable to get Death By Captcha Working / Balance

Hello, I tried to activate DBC yesterday as the #2 option with Captcha Breaker as #1. When I logged into the DBC site I noticed nothing was solved yesterday. When I click the test within the SER/Options I get "Unable to get balance".

I found another thread which mentioned turning off simulating the service within CB/Options however that didn't work, even tried restarting. I can however put the DBC api credentials into CB and test from there and it works. I've also tried unticking "simulate the following captcha service" with the only thing being left on was DeCaptcher and also unticking run as web server, those didn't work either. 

Maybe I'm overlooking something simple? 




  • edited January 2014
    Make it as second service in ser than also CB drop down menu . You dont even need web server option fot this to work you can untick it . Make sure you put right information in CB fields . It can happen when misstype password or user name . DBC is crazy expencive though.
  • Thanks dimitrbanks, it was a login issue, all's good. 

    Also thanks for pointing out the cost. I've got it tuned down in SER with the nice controls they provide to only solve the ones I really want. 


  • No probs you welcome :)
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