What email accounts do u use?

I found that hotmail account get suspended very fast, so what do you use right now for GSA campaigns?


  • From today I'm also getting many messages of some of my hotmails not working....
    I changed tham with fresh hotmail accounts, but I'm still getting error messages
  • I don't have any issues with suspension. Do you use the same IP address to sign up for them? I have dynamic IP, previously it was static and I had major problems.
  • donchinodonchino https://pbn.solutions
    I suggest you look into the Buy/Sell/Trade section and try some service.. some provide example accounts also so you can test them.. hotmail spam-filter disabled and pop3 enabled is what i use
  • peterperseo How many do you need. I'll make some for you.
  • edited January 2014
    @coneh34d ;Can I get some please? 
  • miki I am making some now for you and peterperseo. No more requests please.
  • Hey @coneh34d tahnk you very much for your gift.
    But, actually, I bought a lot (1,500)  hotmail accounts from bandit.me. The first 20 I used worked perfectly, no one problem.
    Yesterday I decide to change them, and use 100 new accounts, and I started to get problems with some e-mails not working.

    So my question is? Do hotmail accounts are getting problems also to other people, or it's just a problem of mine? And your outlook. com accounts works better than hotmail?

  • many thanks clusterfuck !

    Yes, I'm also having problem with hotmails...accounts get suspended after some time
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