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If login into Email fails x times delete/don't use for posting/verify anymore

Hi Sven, with the new feature of the red symbol in front of a project, I often get a message if Ser couldn't log in into a Email account. You stated in another thread that if Ser can't login into email accounts it still uses them for posting, though the login test shows "failed". Feature request: In the Email tab of every project have an option like this: If login into Email fails [inputfield] times [ ] delete email [ ] don't use email for [ ] posting [ ] verify anymore Second option under the email tab: Show alert only if x email accounts left [ ] = checkbox This feature would be great. Perhaps other users want to have this, too ? magix


  • SvenSven
    What I can do is avoid using the emails for posting, but I don't want to delete them automatically or disable them completely. That should be left for the customer to configure.
  • That's what I meant: because of this I added the [ ] delete email [ ] don't use email for [ ] posting [ ] verify anymore So a user can decide how the email account will be handeled...
  • If he marks "delete" then it will be automatically deleted - if not: it will stay. The same for the "don't use email for"-option: here you could decide wether to check both - don't use for veriyfy and/or don't use for posting
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