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C drive full

I've started my first project in late September . By now i have my C drive full .I believe I had around 40gigs free space   Could that be SER activities and if yes . how can i reduce amount of data program keeps on my computer . I don't save any captchas and save only submitted and verified lists . 


  • SvenSven

    it can be:

    1. debug files (not on by default)

    2. log files (not on by default)

    3. site lists

    4. project files (but as you have just one...i guess it's not) / are not that big and don't grow endlessly.

  • Sven  ok yeah i run 20 treads now . were can i find this log files of debug files to check their sizes ? 
  • @sven could be the CB , possibly was still saving the captchas even I set to not save  that long time ago . In ''uninstall program'' window CB showed 4 gigs . no when am cheking the folder it's already 6 gigs and keep going up 
  • SvenSven
    yes thats the one causing the low disk space then.
  • Ok i will try to delete it
  • edited January 2014
    log file was right in front of me on my desktop nad it was 20 gb . how can i disable it ?
  • @sven  my computer task manager shows cpu usage is only about 30% 
    why ser shows it is almost 100%
  • SvenSven
    not related to this topic but CPU usage in SER is calculated a bit differently since you have more than one CPU.
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