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Add to front of queue?


I have had a look around the program and have tried searching the forums, but I haven't found an answer yet.
I have a long list of URLs which are currently being indexed, which is great, but I will often create a URL which I would ideally want to be indexed straight away, but I can only add to the end of the queue(as far as i know), which may take a day to complete.

My question is, is there a way to add a single or group of URLs to the beginning of the indexing queue in SEO Indexer? If I could add a single URL and make choose for it to be fully indexed, rather than on quick which the rest are on, that would be brilliant.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



  • SvenSven
    sorry there is no such option.
  • Thanks for your fast response, Sven.

    No problem, I can do it manually for now. If such a feature is added in the future, that would be a bonus.

    Great software either way.

    Thanks again,
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