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How to test custom search engine ???

I have added custom search engine and log looks like this:

09:26:46: [ ] 000/044 [Page 055] results on My-Custom-Engine for ExpressionEngine with query "This page is only accessible to logged-in users with proper access privileges"
09:26:49: [ ] 000/012 [Page 026] results on My-Custom-Engine for Elgg with query "Seashells Elgg Theme" hacemos
09:26:50: [ ] 000/036 [Page 055] results on My-Custom-Engine for Dolphin with query "Powered by Dolphin" "Hello, Guest!" cant
09:26:51: [ ] 000/012 [Page 049] results on My-Custom-Engine for BlogEngine with query "Powered by BlogEngine.NET" cigarette
09:26:53: [ ] 003/042 [Page 027] results on My-Custom-Engine for Wordpress Article with query "Using Article Directory plugin"

How to test does it work and does it really get some results ?

What these numbers means:



  • SvenSven
    It means 0 of 44 search engine results are new for this project. Delete the target url history and you see the actual urls again.
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