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[script] GeekLog

cherubcherub UK
edited January 2014 in New Engines/Platforms
Heres an engine file for GeekLog profiles, but tbh I'm not sure it's worth using. A number of people told me that GeekLog would be a good platform to script, but after a closer look and scripting attempt it looks pretty useless to me. Some sites offer the option to submit an article, but every one I looked at was moderated with no method of knowing output url. So I resorted to profile links. These seem to work but as soon as you start using the same url multiple times they get marked as spam. I don't know if they use some sort of central database of profile urls or something. The only use I can see for it is for low tier links, so each profile created is pointing at a different link. Here it is if anyone wants it:

Engine .ini

I didn't bother with a captcha definition for it, but it doesn't look to bad to crack. Here is a sample url:
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