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New Google Announcement on Disavow links

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Just wanted to get some comments on this. 

First Google announced its new "Disavow links" program which is said to provide opportunities to get rid of unwanted links, but I went through Google's terms and conditions on their Webmasters tools section which clearly indicates that using automated software such as GSA can and I quote 

The following are examples of link schemes which can negatively impact a site's ranking in search results:
Using automated programs or services to create links to your site.

So are there any tips that anyone can provide to me on how to ensure I don't get the Google slap for using this program to obtain links and how do you exclude sites which will obviously get picked up by Googles algorithm in the GSA setup. I noticed that I got a few links to my site that were from adult sites and I want to exclude the links from my site and avoid the links being created to adult sites in the future. But how do you do it? 

I saw that you can exclude keywords which may show up in the domain name under the options tab, but is that the only way to avoid links being posted on adult sites? 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to or best practices to avoid Google Slap? I try to ensure that the spun content that I put into the setup looks really natural and flows really well when it is read with either of the spun words or phrases, but what about all the blog comments etc, how do you control the way they look. I mean they look spammy now.  


  • NOTE:  I am typing this fast in ONE DRAFT -- cuz I've got work to do for a client and gotta get a campaign going

    1)  Disavow links -- not much you can do about that -- it's Google stepping on its own stupid claims that disavowed negative SEO -- now they've got a tool that disavows negative links which CLEARLY states that they themselves CANNOT tell what is and what is NOT a valid link according to Google -- so this is their way to crowd source.

    Here's an interesting case study on Negative SEO that I was reading yesterday:

    Read the ensuing Google Groups discussion - kinda funny - but also shows the SEO pundits just keep peddling fear for their services.  (no offense to anyone that serves clients -- I just mean this toward those SEO service providers that promulgate the apocalypse of SEO as its known without doing a single case study -- and all fabricated from their own mind or predicated on hearsay of others.  SEO Authority people speak about the fear of SEO sabotage and losing everything -- followers (business owners) listen -- SEO authority offers solution -- people bite and pay up.)

    Also read about the guy in the traffic planet thread above who has made a business out of negative SEO for YEARS.

    Although you read into the Google TOS -- it's there to put the fear in you.

    Stuff CAN happen -- I'm not saying that it can't -- but you've gotta just be careful -- look like a human, not like a robot -- I've been saying this for years.

    Whatever you feel OTHERS are doing -- do the opposite -- examples to follow.

    2)  Lower outbound links requirement in GSA to like 50-75 and go for PR 1 and above sites.  This ensures you've not on a huge spammy type page.  Some say 100 OBLs is fine -- I'd say lower the threshhold.

    3)  Always vary anchor text as much as possible.  Although I am working on a client's SEO strategy right now for ONLY two keywords, I have re-written the anchor text into 20 different keywords.  Use the generic anchor text option and just the plain URL as the anchor text.

    4)  ADULTS SITES -- you mention keywords that show up in the domain name -- well there's also a section to put words that just appear on the site -- besides the URL/domain -- there's a list here that s4ntOs I believe gave out.  Download that and stick it in.

    5)  Quality -- quality -- quality -- use your gut on this.  If it feels like a SPUN article that does not read intelligently and cannot past muster of a real human editor -- then it may not pass the muster of googlebot.  Make every effort to read over and make each and every spun variation of paragraph level, sentence level and word level make sentence throughout the sentence even if it takes 1-2 hours of time to read through an article.  That 1-2 hours of time is going to make that article bulletproof to use in MANY MANY campaigns if you are spinning it DEEP.  I am currently working on a TWO PART article (1000+ words) that will be the central focus of GSA campaigns to article directories, web 2.0 as tier 1 links.  I have spent approximately 6 hours on this article because I know that I'll be able to use this paragraph/sentence/word level HIGHLY spun article in a bunch more campaigns because each variation will look so different -- I'll be able to create hundreds of thousands of versions.  Time invested manifests in a highly golden piece of article property.  If you have any niche websites and can afford Ultra Spun Articles -- then buy some of those to save time over at -- and check out HOW they create those highly spun articles that are highly intelligent and immaculately readable (literally undetectable).

    If you bulletproof yourself -- then you don't really have to worry -- now do you?

    You only have to worry when you are doing EVERYTHING everybody else is doing.

    Such as...

    6)  Using Default Canned Comments instead of Highly Modifying them to the Niche Topic

    Follow the crowd -- put a flag on your back.

    I'm a veteran from the 2005 Adsense Rush days -- and made out with $120K from March 1, 2005 through the end of the year with a mere 60 portal sites (Google paid me much more beyond that -- but you get my point).

    a)  My portal sites were DIFFERENT than everyone else's because I had a programmer code a script that created dynamic contact every time the page loaded.  Yahoo didn't know what the heck to make of it back then -- and Google didn't give a dang either because this was when Wordpress was starting to catch on as well.

    I created LEAD-IN text NOT in violation of Adsense TOS that got my Adsense ads Click Through Rates (CTR) of 33% -- and some portals as high as 40%+.

    Again -- I was using what I knew about psychology and sales psychology -- and leading the visitor into a click -- because it's the words that lead a person through an action WE want them to take.

    b)  I was using blog and ping when it was a fad -- and used Blogger like my bitch.  I was posting blog posts that were a hybrid of blog comments and highly conversational.  Was anyone doing this stuff?  No -- everyone else was using what the other guy was using -- and they wondered how the heck I was getting so much traffic from the limited amount of sites -- and why my blogs were passing by even HUMAN REVIEWERS -- I think some of my blogs were up for over a year and a half before it was just TOO obvious due to the proliferation of what I was doing.

    So -- ultimate lesson is -- take other people's blog comments -- and then make more -- keep them to yourself -- and don't share a certain portion of em.  Don't just write the usual crud people are saying OVER AND OVER again -- it's just not that inventive.  Use the merge code fields...

    "%name% was telling me just yesterday that I should check out this post on %blog_title% because he was working on a project that was very similar, and highly related to what I'm working on right now for a client.  So I am here and reading this and completely floored at how right he was.  Not only does this cross paths with what I'm doing, it's also relative to what my friend %name% is doing for his site on %nichenamehere%.  I just wanted to express my gratitude for you sharing this with us and the insight its given me is awesome.  I'm going to elaborate a little further after I am done reading this, but wanted to take the time right now to express my joy."

    I made that up -- ON THE FLY -- as I was typing this out as a first draft and if you read it -- it doesn't really SAY ANYTHING -- but moreso tells a story.  But you see, the real underlying point is...

    This isn't one of those one liner, two liner kiss-ass comments that is SO transparent (much like the spam comments I see on my blog) but I actually get into a story -- and use some customized stuff that may even pass muster with a human -- not just Google.

    The point is to go beyond what others are doing and create an UNDETECTABLE footprint -- which is YOUR trade secret.

    In other words, you've got to create your own SAUCE.

    Those that really really really make out are the ones that put the extra 5% effort over and above the extra crowd.  It IS a bit more effort -- the PAYOFF and DIVIDENDS are geometrical in proportion to the mere pittance that the average dude/dudette that does not make the effort because this is already so hard as it is (gimme a break!)  ;-)

    7)  Use the inner gauge as a guide - - because you can't fool yourself - - a campaign can wait for another 2-3 hours for it to be launched.

    Ask yourself when you launch a campaign.

    a)  Have I launched a link campaign for this site before?
    b)  Will this campaign I am setting up right now show up on Google's radar as NOT HUMAN?
    c)  If your answer is what it is -- then you need to adjust the settings
    d)  Increase and throttle up from what you did the week before -- the week before that -- and so on so that it looks like the link building campaign for THAT property is gaining velocity on a human scale -- not a robotic scale.
    e)  Does this piece of content feel non-human like and have the feeling of a spun article when I spin it once, twice, three times a lady?  If so, then you've still got work to do.  If it's easy as 1-2-3 to launch a campaign with a piece of software like KM or AWC -- then guess what -- a majority of the people are doing that.  Make YOUR content sticky because you've got to imagine that Google has known about this spinning thing for quite sometime and have had some time to calculate out some pretty impressive footprints based on LSI, symantics and paragraph structure.  There's no possible way for us -- even with looking at their patents -- to fathom what Google has observed and incorporated into their algorithm and not even some schmuck like Matt Cutts will ever let onto it.  This Disavow links is a bunch of smoke and mirror -- and IT CAN BE USED for evil as well as Good.  So this obviously tells us Google doesn't know which way is UP/DOWN/SIDEWAYS.  But hey, their Terms of Service will sure as hell scare the heck out of you by citing those linking campaigns.  This is not to say that even sloppy GSA, SEnukeX, Magic Submitter, Sick Submitter campaigns won't pass muster -- but you want your stuff to be SUPER STICKY.  I've got articles of 10,000 words and more that have stay at the top 5 slots Page 1 of Google for more than 6 years -- some of which I've never built backlinks to at all. 
    f)   So you have to ask yourself -- are you plotting a shot term strategy or a long term strategy -- when you answer that -- your actions will dictate the carefulness of the course you take in plotting out your stuff.  Go average and stick a little bit -- go beyond average -- be extraordinary -- and stick in Google for years and years to come.  It's really all just a choice, but one that can feed you for years or eventually put you right back out into the job force.

    Let me know if you need more food - -but I've gotta finish up this deeply spun, highly readable article that is going to stick to Google like the stickiest fly paper ever!  ;-)
  • Grreat stuff :) thx!
  • @fullspeed
    thanks this is great tips on SEO
  • Thanks Fullspeed... Great comments, I really appreciate what you say. I do try to make sure my spun content reads nicely and pay a quite bit of attention to that. After all nothing screams spam more than a piss poor article with spun content that doesn't make any sense. 

    I like your comments on how to make good blog comments too... I must admit that this was a revelation to me, know one has ever explained that sort of thing quite the way you did, but it makes perfect sense. Thanks. It is good to get a different perspective, but I was concerned over the volume of links going out via GSA, which could possibly ring alarm bells for Google, which in turn could lead to negative impact on the website you are trying to promote.
    I have since dropped the volume of verified links down to 125 per day 

    You say "well there's also a section to put words that just appear on the site", but I can't find that, any suggestions where to look? 

    Again thanks for your insight. Very grateful for the help, yes feed me, I would really like to know the best sort of format for tier 1, then tier 2 sort of campaigns. The GSA tutorial video says basically tick everything for a tier 1 campaign, but I would like to know if that is appropriate. 
  • @fullspeed ..those are some of the best tips u have given..thats what i do..I make my own way..I don't want to do what others are doing..ATM I am working on getting my spun content high quality without spending a dime..lets see how effective it would be..
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @fullspeed - great great post! I agree with the quality that is human passable. Our articles take our writer over a day to write each (500 words), but even when spun you can't tell that they are spun! 

    Can you do me a huge favour and send me a PM with a rough outline of the project structure you'd use? Again, it's about balancing resources versus links. (i.e. is 1 page PR 3 better than 100 page Pr1?). I'm devising some tests that some of the more advanced users can help run and would love your input. 
  • @globalgoogler -- done and done -- and if you wish to post that answer I gave you on this thread -- be my guest.  I leave it to your discretion.   ;)
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    It's a great answer...had a few questions...maybe then I can post it's summary on a best practice thread for everyone? :-)
  • @globalgoogler -- However you wish -- because whoever can glean some clarity from it -- and bump their learning curve -- I'm all for it.

    I never wish to see people struggle like I did in the first four years like I did (2000 - 2004)

    Heck -- it wasn't until 2003 that I actually understood the TRUE power of anchor text.    b-(

    I would also suggest that you include in that summary a combination of the threads I have pointed you to in other places.

    In fact -- now that I think about it -- it might even be handier to just put that into a PDF that can be edited easier than a post can be.


    I can also point you to some other articles of mine that I've written over the past 5 years on various topics like copywriting, persuasion, marketing, keyword research, etc., and compile that in there as well.

    But we're talking about a 50 - 60 page PDF when you add that stuff in there.  :-B
  • So, any thoughts after the big webinar last night? I have mixed reviews on this... do ya'll seriously think Google has 5000 engineers working on the search algorithm around the clock (starting around 15:00 in video)? If this is so, it is somewhat discouraging about the usage of GSA. Even with safer strategies link ranking high quality web 2.0's or articles, it would be pretty transparent to Google. I actually just bought GSA last weekend...
  • @ Fullspeed,
    Just one other thing I would like to know.  I get what you have said above, but when I first started with GSA, one of the pieces of advice I received was I need to have upward of 1000 keywords in GSA for each site to get results when GSA scrapes internet and other sources. Otherwise it will run out of sources to place links onto. 

    I just can't seem to see how 1000 or so keywords are relevant to a topic or website. For example if my website was on solar energy, how am I going to get 1000 keywords that are relevant to that topic.  Bottom line is I could only see about 120 keywords that had some relevance to the topic or website. I put all of them into GSA. But here is my problem. 

    I also want my website to rank well for example for specific search terms like "solar electricity systems" as a search phrase, so I have written a pretty good article for this topic, spun it well so it reads really well, but with 120 keywords, for GSA to search for, how will this help me rank for just one search phrase. 

    If I am not quite clear on that let me know, but say there is good volumes of traffic on particular search phrases, what is the best way to set up GSA, to obtain better rankings for pages / posts or domains  on those particular search phrases. 

    I think that if you are trying to obtain a gazillion links to a main domain name like that it would seem to be very obvious, if you are using bucket loads of keywords that it would not be very targeted and could offer a red flag for Google. Is that right?????
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