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web 2.0 question

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If I was to build some web 2.0 sites such as hugpages, squidoo,, etc. how could you use GSA to build links to these?


  • Honestly -- I would use their PageRank prowess to exploit that and use these mini-hubs to build tiered linking structure out on them as you would as the MONEY SITE.  In other words, I would use the high PR to get those specific web 2.0 sites (that should be built out by hand) to rank on long tail keywords much like the specific pages on your MONEY SITE -- but making certain that you have content on the web 2.0's that requires further reading -- that would be found on the Money Site.  Also have clear Calls to Action that point then toward your actual specific pages on your Money Site (not the home page) because dumping the visitor on the home page that doesn't have any specific direction will perform poorly for conversions.

    What I like to do is this.

    1)  Article directory submitted articles have an article that contains missing information that can only be obtained by clicking link in the resource box.

    2)  Visitor lands on continuation of a topic that has PEAKED their interest -- which could be the Web 2.0 page that is further high quality content.  By the end of the read, you've gained visitor trust and they will jump off a bridge (not literally) by this time.  NOTE:  Trust IS the key element that will make the difference between 1 out of every 1000 visitors purchasing an affiliate product or a 5% clickthrough rate on an Adsense site -- to getting 1 out of every 50-100 visitors purchasing an affiliate product based on your recommendation or a 30%+ Adsense CTR.  Your web 2.0 page then has a call to action for visitor to DISCOVER SOLUTION on your money site with call to action used an IN CONTEXT ANCHOR TEXT link within the article on the web 2.0 property.

    3)  Visitor lands on Money Site with interest peaked, trust level high and ready to uncover what the solution is that you've built the suspense up to.

    4)  If you done the right job -- you've also thought so far as to put an extra step in there to:

    a)  Have an optin page so they can learn other neat discoveries in the ___________ (your niche site topic here) and you can now leverage and have a way to raise the Visitor Value of your website further by conducting future marketing efforts to some of the same visitors

    b)  Have an irresistible bonus THING that you can use to easily incentivize the visitor to buy through your affiliate link that will further increase conversions (only if the bonus is a very pertinent add-on to the product or service you are recommending them to purchase).  Can be an info product with tips and tricks, a way for the person to leverage the product, videos to enhance their use of the product -- whatever -- but it can be created in a matter of 5-10 hours -- but leveraged to gain many more sales than without the bonus.
  • but in reality all I'm trying to do is build good and powerful backlinks to my money site to get my keyword higher in the ranks. I'm not really worried about trying to get a buyer or clicker from the web 2.0
  • Right -- it's just in my HARD-WIRING to not just think backlinks, but also think funnels (2 birds with 1 stone) -- because why not fuel SE power together with a path for the visitor to convert into a profit.  This way, the web 2.0's are not just SERP power fueled by backlinks to them, they also become a visitor path to profits and thus, a duel purpose.  Because if you do build backlinks to your web 2.0's that link to your money sites, your web 2.0's links to the money site increase in power, but so will the web 2.0's chance to actually RANK -- and if you don't plan for that, then you are wasting visitors that could be profit centers.  Later on down the line -- after you realize the web 2.0 is ranking and getting ample visitors -- it's going to be a lot hard to then CONVERT it into a profit funnel, especially when it would be unclear what affects your changes may have on ranking.  This is why I think profit funnel in advance -- especially if I'm going to build the web 2.0 out by hand anyways.  It's just ONE extra step in the process.
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