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Captcha Message after updating !

edited January 2014 in Need Help
Hello everyone out there,  today after updating version 7.36 of GSA ser ranker. This message is showing with my all tires..related with captcha. I am showing your screenshoot..


what is the meaning of this message.. and After "Clear important message" it showing again and again at my project..How can i stop it..?



  • SvenSven
    Why do you use Captcha Breaker over death by captcha simulation?
  • Thanks @Sven. I have two service Captcha Snipper and Captcha Breker at two Vps , both server has same error .Now i need to know where can i change from  Captcha Breaker over death by captcha simulation?

    i tried but didn't happen..

  • SvenSven
    just choose Captcha Breaker as service in SER and maybe restart SER as admin if test failed. You can disable the webserver option in CB if that worked.
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