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URL with Anchors + Generic Anchors?

edited August 2012 in Need Help
I've imported my URLs with anchors in the format:{keyword1|keyword2|...}{keyword1|keyword2|...}

I now want to use the function "Use generic anchors" for every URL, but it seems this field is ignored (I can't see any generic anchors when clicking Test).
I read "This field is ingored if you use anchor texts in the URL field", but to my understanding it only means the "Anchor TExt" field and not "Use generic anchors" and "Use anchor text variations".

Is it not possible to add the generic anchors to imported URLs with anchors?


  • SvenSven
    Thats also applied to the Anchors for the URLs. But on the TEST button you will not see this happening as the generic anchors are engine dependent (e.g. for blog comments a random name is used, for articles something like <url domain>, <click here>...).
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