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General eMail & Global Site List Question

GSA is humming along nicely, fantastic software!

A few questions:

1. I've added numerous sites (thousands) to the global site list (options/advanced/tools/import urls identify platform and sort in), will these be used by any new defined project. Where I'm confused is you specify keywords in the project (assume for scraping new related sites), so do the sites already in the global list have to match the keywords for them to be used, or is that just for new sites it's looking for? Some of the sites already in the global are already very high quality, I like to make sure it's posting to them. 

2. I'll continually be adding new url's through the import process spelled out in #1 above, will existing projects automatically pick those up to use or is there a different preferred way (ex. a couple projects are brown and out of places to post to)? 

3. When creating a new project that requires E-Mail verification to be filled out, if you provide multiple emails will the project use those randomly or is it fixed to just one? I have existing projects that have one unique email for each and I'd like to have more for it to choose/rotate from. 




  • goonergooner
    edited January 2014
    Hi Greg,

    I think the answers are:

    1) global lists ignore keywords (not 100% sure on that one).

    2) You select to use global lists on a per project basis, or you can import external lists directly into each project.

    3) Randomly selects an email and if that has been used on said domain or is dead, it tries another and so on.

    Hope it helps.
  • Thanks gooner. 

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