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[My gift to the Community] - Plugins to get Wordpress on steroids without PHP knowledge

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My Favorite Wordpress Pluginset to let you make everything out of Wordpress without PHP knowledge!
This is really no SELL thread (thats why i inserted a non affiliate link and post the full name of the plugin here). This thread is because i want to give you the information and the power to make really every site and functionality out of your Wordpress Site just with this plugin-set without knowing PHP! And if you know PHP you will wonder how this Plugins enhance your workflow.

Toolset Plugins from onTheGoSystems

Here the link if you're cool Download (Affiliate) | Here if you're a fool Download (non Affiliate)


Toolset Plugins Let You Develop WordPress Sites Without PHP and let you enhance established Wordpress Sites in flexebility to the max! 

  • Works with any theme - No matter what themes you are using, you can build unique functionality with Toolset plugins.
  • Setup Silos in Wordpress Sites Easily
  • Code-free development - You don’t need to write complex PHP to achieve great results. Toolset plugins let you build entire sites from the WordPress admin.
  • Start fast, go far - You can customize appearance and build your own modules in minutes. Then, discover advanced functionality that takes your site-building to the next level.
  • Make websites interactive - Cred (One Plugin out of the Toolset Plugin-Set) lets you build forms for creating and editing content from front-pages. Combined with the Access control Plugin (also build in the Toolset plugin), CRED lets you build exciting web apps on WordPress.
  • Display content your way - Views (One Plugin out of the Toolset Plugin-Set) is your display engine. You’ll be able to customize the appearance of single pages, load content lists, create your own widgets and build entire sites from the WordPress admin.
  • Define custom types, post templates, taxonomies and fields - Types (One Plugin out of the Toolset Plugin-Set) extends the power of WordPress and lets you define your own content types. You’ll create custom post types, taxonomy and wide selection of powerful custom fields.
  • Control access to content  - Types Access  (One Plugin out of the Toolset Plugin-Set) let’s you define new roles and control who can do what. With Types Access you can protect certain content, and allow users to access their own content only.
  • Module Manager - With Modules (One Plugin out of the Toolset Plugin-Set), you can easily reuse your designs in different websites and create your library of building blocks. Download our reference modules and use in your sites.
  • ...

Its just my opinion, if ur bored only making ContentSites with Wordpress and ready to get everything done (not only Content Sites but Classified Sites, Auction Sites, RealEstate Sites, Price Comparison Sites, Directories etc... just everything!!) and make Sites that really have value by their functionalities. This is the only Plugin-Set you need. (I only need this!)

Together with GSA Products (Believe me i was one of the first customers of GSA SER, and i promoted it in private SEO Forums like i promote this plugin know, because i want to give something back! Something Good!) and Wordpress (and if wanted Content scrapers + spinners) you will own the BigG!



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