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What is your solve rate? Optimize?

My  CB looks like this:

Recognized:3797/6123 (62%) saved: $5.28

How do I improve that? Again, there arent any real tutorials on using this thing or optimizing. I have it set to if its 5% or more. Maybe increase that, but Id rather CB try it (free) then send it right to DBC and cost money.


  • SvenSven

    If the solve rate for a captcha is very low, you should skip it completely. Why? Because it might solve it and deliver a result, but that result is often not correct and you waste time on it.

    Imagine CB always delivers a result for a low success captcha type, than you will almost never get a successful submission on it. Different if you use a captcha service at first place here.

  • well what is your definition of very low? 10%? more?
  • SvenSven
    Well thats up to you but if it's below 10% than yes, it would make like 10 tries to get a successful captcha result.I would skip at least everything below 20%.
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