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Really low verified links percentage

I have really low verified links percentage. I let the GSA run over 12 hours and I got 37k submitted links and only around 500 verified links. I have tried all kind of things. My emails are not blacklisted (using 23 outlook emails for scraping), I have a kw list of 470k words, shuffled (got it from BHW). I have 10 shared proxies that the program shows are not banned from G. I run the GSA at 100 threads but it usually uses around 17 or so. I have used both the: "always use kw-s to find target sites" ticked on and off. I have not ticked the box for "do not sumbit duplicate articles". My only filters are that use engines with dofollow links only, only post on sites with less than 1k OBL and do not use bad words in site or domain.

The thing is that LPM is around 50 and that is ok, it sumbits a lot but doesn't verify a lot. What can i do? 500 verified links out of 37k is really bad..

It seems that if finds links in the email but doesn't do anything with them?


  • Have you tried verifying the links only ie. Active (V) or what is your verifying time? Automatic/Custom 1440minutes? If it's the latter then 12 hours isn't 1440 minutes, so it will verify the submitted links in 12 more hours (1440 minutes is 24 hours).
  • I have set the verifying to be automatic. Yes, I have tried to set the active to verify only. No better result.
  • Anybody has some more suggestions? I changed my emails for catch all. Still nothing. I checked my proxies against G, only 1 was banned. I have no idea what to do.. It's ridiculous to submit 1600 links and get 11 of them verified. I have ran the email verification only and verification but it adds maybe only a 4 links to verified. My verified is set to automatic anyways.
  • Start a new campaign... just duplicate your project and start again. Sorry I'm tired and going to sleep now.
  • edited January 2014
    I got something like this: And wish to verify all those links and dont know why its not getting verified. Am using different hotmail accounts for every tier (spam folder disabled), 10 private proxies (or should i use my ip?). Any sugestions?
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