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Highly Nested Spinning Syntax Supported?

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I'll find out soon enough by hitting the test function after finishing this highly spun HAND-WRITTEN article.

I know that Magic Submitter supports highly nested (Ultra Spinnable) articles -- but I'm wondering if GSA SER does as well.

We're talking Paragraph/sentence/word level spinning.


Within each paragraph version above will contain further nested spinning -- 3 versions of each sentence:


Within each sentence version above will contain further nested spinning -- word level spinning that may contain up to 10-15 synonyms for some words.

Has anyone tried this level of nested spinning with GSA SER?


  • It does support that..I use kontent machine and it outputs super nested spun articles
  • Rock on! 

    Now to finish up that article -- $-)
  • @senty4love -- btw - since you may still be around -- are you using any type of anchor text in the BODY of the article?  And if so, what merge field are you using?
  • @senty4love -- never mind the above question -- you answered in another thread.  Instead, can you tell me where exactly do the anchor text links go when an article is submitted to an article directory?

    I have not yet done an article dir campaign with SER
  • SvenSven
    There is no limitation on how deep the nested spin syntax can go. Just make sure you have still set it correctly as it can be hard to read at a certain level.
  • Sven -- thanks for confirmation.

    And oh yes -- as far as readability -- well -- let's just say I am WAY at that point where my eyes just fall into the back of my head when looking at this.  Below is just the beginning of the FIRST paragraph -- scrolling down to see next screen, there is another 80% of that screen where the first paragraph finally finishes.  :-D

    Total Word Count of Raw Spun Article:   5,837
    Approximate Word Count After Spin:      558

    However -- it does HELP that I have the COLOR coding with Magic Article Rewriter...

  • Quick question -- I notice you have AutoSoft Submit -- which is great.

    Is there any ability to submit my software listing with SPUN content to software directories?

    I finally found a PHP script that will actually SPIN the web hosted PAD (xml) file so that when software directories visit the pad - -each one grabs a spun version.
  • SvenSven
    yes that would work.for sites that use the pad file. For the rest you have to use unspinned data.
  • edited October 2012
    Sven Do all the fields support nested spinning? even the secondary anchor field for example?
  • SvenSven
    yes every field supports it.
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