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Using Captcha Breaker in other software


I am using Traffic Travis for Ranking Reports and other SEO stuff and they use Deathbycaptcha and Decaptcha but can I make Captcha Breaker work with it instead of paying for these services.

Thanks for any help on this.


  • SvenSven
    I don't know the programs but as long as they offer support to one of the simulated captcha services, you can do that. Any demo version of these programs?
  • @Sven yeah, you can d/l it from

    Not sure how well CB will work on it's own as it's the Google recaptcha you get when you've done too many queries.  Am guessing you'd need to have one of the recaptcha OCR add on services to make it worthwhile?

    I use it with proxies and a query time of 30 secs and that seems to be OK although the info it returns isn't as good or as accurate as other services.

    @mlsto for rank tracking try  You can track up to a 1000 kw on the free package

  • Thanks Sven they have a free version, hope you can get it to work.

    Thanks davbel will try out rankcheckerace and see but since I just paid for Traffic Travis wanted to be able to use CB with it as I find you get blocked very fast without a captcha service.
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