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Same Links per project


As it currently is configured, SER only uses a linking URL once per project.

Let's assume that I have 200 verified links in my tier 1 project.
For my tier 2 project, I could theoretically use the same linking domain 200x in the same project without linking to the same tier 1 URL twice. Is there a way to accomplish this? Would it be possible to add an option that would let us use the same linking domain multiple times in a project?


  • goonergooner
    +1 for that idea.
  • Can I get some clarification on this guys..."SER only uses a linking URL once per project" 
  • I'd also like to see this added if possible.
  • goonergooner
    @coneh34d - As far as i know that is correct.
  • At present, when I have a tier 2 project, isn't it possible for me to link to a tier 1 domain from the exact same tier 1 domain? I think we have two problems that could be solved in the Tier Filter options.
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