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GSA fresh list from 28 000 unique verified domains

Dear Search Engine Marketers

This list is prepared for all GSA Search Engine Ranker users that dont want too spend too much time playing with software, proxies and servers. Sometimes it just takes a lot of time to prepare proper keywords, proxies and footprints to scrape targeted GSA lists for posting. Another thing is running dedicated servers, private premium proxies for posting and seting up captcha solution services.

All those things take a lot of time to crate high quality auto-approve list. Using our scraping techinque with Hrefer and 10 000s of Google passed proxies and keywords list in 23 different langueges we managed to get best targeted website list for GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Our process of creating high quality GSA website list:

  1. Get 10 000s of Google passed quality proxies that we include in Hrefer scraping software
  2. Prapare custom footprints for each platform supported for GSA
  3. Use freguency based dictionaries from 23 different langueges that we combine in one great high freguency word list
  4. Setup proper projects in GSA and captcha breaking services 1st – Captcha Sniper, 2nd – Captcha Breaker and 3rd Death by Captcha. Having all those captcha services you’re able to get almost 100% captcha breaking success rate.
  5. Verify list and save it for further purposes.

GSA List stats:

  • Updated: 02.01.2014
  • 275336 urls
  • +28 000 verified unique domains
  • High LPM value – at least 50/lpm
  • Huge IP diversity
  • Check all statistics here

 Why should you get this list

  • Doesn’t really matter if you’re successful search engine marketer or just begginer. Buying this high quality verified list will save you a lot of time.
  • You will get high quality backlinks from strong scripts that work really well in search engines (Drupal, Buddypress, Social Networks) – just look at the statistics page from lots of IPs and trusted domains.
  • This list will help you rank higher in Search engines, if you will use right techniques for promoting your website you can get good results just with this list.

How to get it?

Just fill this form and pay via paypal. The price is only 29$. I will contact you after receiving transaction the very same day.


  • Hello.. i only interested in contextual links (Social networks, article, wiki), is that possible if i want only those list and what is the price? and what is exactly number of unique domain only for that contextual links.. i just afraid that if those huge verified list might slip some same domain
  • Hello,

    I will probly make new lists for all different link types with different prices. Stay tuned.
  • man, i would like to buy your list. seriously. but the problem is, here are already like 3 - 4 members selling their lists.

    how do i know that you just don't resell their lists? i hope you understand my problem. because i already bought all these lists.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    28,216 unique domains according to scrapebox, 274,967 total URLs in the list. File is a 19mb .txt along with the .sl export.

    Exactly as advertised!
  • @skream47 - what would be success rate when using only Captcha Braker ? Do not want to invest in those other tools you mentioned.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    If you do a lot of harvesting of your own, this list might not help much. I imported 274,967 urls and removed dupes of 259,465 which leaves me with about 20,000 different URLs than what I previously had.
  • edited January 2014
    I'm interested, is your statistics all from unique domains?

    If not, could you PM me the unique domains stats for Articles and Social Network?
  • Thanks for the info @Brandon - you talk about 20,000 different URLs - but from how much unique domains are these coming?
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @bekkolt no idea, sorry. I wouldn't imagine there were many as I do a LOT of harvesting and testing myself.
  • @bekkolt My list is 100% unique, im not some lazy f*cker who resell others people work. This is my list made by myself.
    I guess someone will resell MY list not the opposite.

    @RayBan i didn;t tested it only with captcha breaker, but this software is pretty good in terms of solving gsa captcha scripts. For better success rate you might buy like 5k deathbycaptcha for those captchas that captcha breaker don't solve, it's cheap.

    @unknown_zero 4629 domains of articles and social if i counted right

  • Just sent you the money, please send me the list :)
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    Paid using Paypal. transaction ID for this payment is: 4L1654XXXXX286027. Please send me the list asap.
  • I have paid, but didn't get list yet
  • I received list, but I'm not happy at all.
    All URLs are in one file.
    It would be much better if you separate them by engines, so we can save time when posting to articles and contextual links platforms.

  • @miki, import and identify then...
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