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Need help to create tier 2 and tier 3 with Kontent Machine 3

i've been using this software to build my T1, but when I start to build T2 and T3 I've got stuck with the settings. The question is should i put the verified url from GSA SER to Kontent Machine article like when creating T1 article or there is other way to create T2 or T3 article. Sorry about my english I hope you all understand of what I mean. thanks


  • after i choose this option on KM what should i do next when building the article please anyone can help me with this
  • i think u should leave the links in KM empty or use token ,
    i have the same problem i stil dont know how to use it best

    but i'm using the KM for T2 just for content and leave it empty the link
    and use the links from GSA

  • I hope someone know the way around this, I feel a bit stuck aswell. Maybe you guys know? @shaun @johan @redrays
  • shaunshaun
    @amoya this thread is from 2014.....I doubt the guy has the same problem....

    @antonearn mate this was last bumped in January....just make a new thread :p.

    But I just use the default KM settings for all of my tiers but I set it to T3 in kontent machine for a higher uniqueness. Leave your URLs in SER but use the token %url% and %anchor_text% in KM and SER with replace %url% with the URL it needs and %anchor_text% with your anchor text when it runs, saves you so much time.

  • antonearnantonearn Earth
    edited September 2016
    So using %url% will automaticly have SER pull verified URLs from "Use verified URLs of >> << and inserting them in the %url% field? Thats basically all for linking back to your verified urls? 
  • shaunshaun
  • Thanks. Now ranking and banking. Cheers
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