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Script Wont Perform Step2

I have a script I am working on that will not perform [STEP2]

Anyone ever experience this? It's very basic, so it must be something stupid I am doing:



Edit's a page

Edit's a different page

Both steps work fine, as I can flip flop them and they work. However, neither will go to step 2...

I get no errors in my log or in the debug screen or anything, the script just acts like its done. It never performs step 2

Any clue?


  • SvenSven
    post some more details on step1 ... I guess it stops due to "submission successful" or alike.
  • edited January 2014
    i do have a submit success and submit failed in there...

    submit success=%url%
    submit failed = This field is required|Internal Error|An Error Occured

    Other than that it just finds a URL & form and post fields. I guess I can't have a success in both steps?

    EDIT: I took the submit success and submit failed out of step 1 and it works fine now... Thanks!
  • SvenSven

    I guess the URL is submitted on step1? if thats the case it might be present in step2 and submission stops as the success message is present. You might want to use...

    submit success= href="%url%|href='%url%|href=%url%

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