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spin syntax converter is not UTF8 compatible

GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
edited October 2012 in Feature Requests
If you paste UTF8 text in the original text
and then grab it and copy it from there and paste it
its not UTF8 anymore

also the spinned text is not outputted as UTF8

it would be nice to have this compatibility


  • sorry original text is indeed UTF8 compatible
    only the spinned text output is not
  • SvenSven
    fixed in upcoming version
  • thanks
  • GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
    edited January 2013
    Reopening this since pressing the COPY button produces an non UTF8 output
    but if you highlight text box output and copy the result is actually UTF8, strange !!??

    while you are at it if you can make both input and output boxes accept CTRL+A to grab all text it would be nice

    and if this is implemented the above request (for copy button) is not needed anymore

  • SvenSven
  • ok thanks
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