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Anchor text to money site (Tier1 secondary links)

Uff... today I'm getting problem with something I was thinking was pretty easy.

For the first time, today I tried to use GSA for Tier 1 (but only for build "secondary links", as the OZZ instructions).

I only tried with 2 urls, the homepage and an inner page.
For the home page I have 6 anchor text, and for the second page only 1.

So I added the urls + anchor text importing a text file, with this format:

http:// www.moneysite . com#{anchortext1|anchortext2|anchortext3|anchortext4|anchortext5|anchortext6|}
http:// www.moneysite . com#anchortext1

Later I probably have done some mistakes on the settings of keywords... :-(

Take a look of this screenshot:


In the end, all the verified 30 urls (I created 15 urls for each page) had NO ONE of my anchor texts, but some of the 2600 keywords I used for to scrape sites.

Please, where is my error?



  • SvenSven
    why do you enable the usage of lsi/partial anchors if you have nothing entered there?
  • Yes, you are right!

    Anyway... it's not that theproblem, I think.

    Checking well all the created anchors, I can see now that they are exactly coming from the field "Website title". No one of the anchors is from the Keywords field, 1 Anchor is a raw Anchor (the complete url of the inner page), 3 are empty and 27 of the 31 Anchors are from the field "Website Title".

  • SvenSven
    Yes but website title is the anchor text for some sites. You can write there %anchor_text% if you want to in project -> data.
  • Sven, I thank you a lot because you are always ready (and fast) to give important tips and solutions.
    Anyway, this time I don't understand you (or you don't understand me 8-|).

    What I only wish is to use my anchor text, using the normal ways and just in the way I can see in most tutorials, so adding them in the first field URL in the top of the options, using:

    Edit > Import > From File
    edit > Add URL and Anchor Text

    with Url#{anhor1!anchor2}.

    It's what I did, and it doesn't work.

    I removed the wrong settings (Lsi/Partial anchors), but I don't think that was the problem.

    Now I'm testing again, waiting to get the first verified to check it again....
  • SvenSven
    I mean that website title is used in many engines as anchor text. I you edit a project and go to the "website title" field and enter "%anchor_text%" it will use the anchor text you define and not the website title you entered there.
  • Well... at the end I discovered that it's just an error on the report i get exporting the results (excel).

    I tried your solution (%anchor_text%), and actually in this way I get perfect reports, with the right anchor text.

    But this time I manually checked the created urls, and I noticed that all the urls don't have any anchor text, they are only like http:// www .moneysite .com/page1

    The difference between before (without %anchor_text% in the "website title" field) and now is the title of the page (directories): now the title is my anchor text, and before the title was the website titles (spintax) I was using.

    I'm talking of tier1 build with "secondary links", so directories, microblogs and social bookmarks. Anyway this problem there is only on the directories links.

    IN the end, for this secondary links I actually don't need to set anchor texts.... they are useless.

    Thanks again!
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