How to determine number of projects?

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I'm planning to buy a vps with 8 Cores, 8GB RAM, 120 Disk Space and 1,000MBPS Uplink Port Speed, together with 700 spam filter disabled hotmail accounts, 50 Private Proxies 3 subnets and I will be using indexification as my indexer

I just want to know how many projects can I do? Or how can I determine how many should I put up? I'm just a starter do you guys advice me to start with these kinds of VPS specs?

Why and Why Not?

Thanks guys!


  • Are you going to use tiered projects eg T1 - T3? With those specs you could probably run 50+ in one go.
  • @spunko2010 no, I will just use the basics, I won't use tiers since I am only a newbie, I will just uncheck Document Sharing, Exploit, Video and Video-Adult under where to submit. Is it okay?
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    I could get 60 projects running simultaneously  with the scheduler on a similar VPS. Now I have a dedi I am running 75 but it's being used to run other tools at the same time.

    Use tiers, especially if you are a newbie. Tiers help protect your money site as they backlink your backlinks rather than spamming the living daylights out of your money site. Have a look at this
  • @JudderMan : Wow! :) Thanks for that info sir, I would just like to ask, what should I choose on Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 since I am a total newbie can I get a little bit advice from you?

    Also I will be using YouTube Videos and as far as I know YouTube doesn't penalize spamming on their videos but Google does. Am I right? Thanks in advance sir I really appreciate your help, I couldn't start my project without learning all the new basic stuffs.

    I want to run my project smoothly so before I start any campaign I want to some help from veterans or experts. :) THANK YOU!
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    No probs. I'm no expert, still learning and reading this forum (and others) for tips. I have heard that YT videos can 'take' a good ol spamming without tiers, but to me it's a Google product and should be wary of doing that. I still maintain that a YT video is just a URL (in terms of trying to rank it) and therefore should receive the same treatment as any other URL/webpage but that's just me.

    As with anything, test it out first on a different YT video and see what works, see if it says at the top, see what happens and adjust your method/strategy accordingly. I personally don't rank YT videos to try and get to the top of YT listings, but instead use YT as a buffer site for ranking the main money site ;)
  • @JudderMan: Thanks sir, I will follow your guide ;) thanks for this one ;)
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