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Secondary + generic anchors not working for bookmarks

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I just did a bookmarks run, 

I specified my two main anchors in the anchor text field, i.e. {anchor1|anchor2}, further i added 10 longtail keywords into the secondary anchor field with 10% use, then I chose generic anchors 80% of the time.

The submission went okay, but non of the secondary nor any generic anchors were used. In the preview/test window it all looks well and generic anchors are displayed most of the time as the anchor and also as the website titles (which is the anchor for bookmarks). But the verified links all consist of the main two anchor keywords.

Here is the setup, I think that GSA didn't include the generics+longtails in the website title field, although it showed correctly in the preview window.


Any idea? 


  • You may be right about the alternative "anchor_text" not being included with the generics and secondary, but I'll leave that up to the developers.

    However, my comments take issue with a potential problem I see with your setup.

    Website Title -- this quite often is the website's title tag.

    If you take a look at a random Diigo user's bookmarks -- the hyperlinked text of the bookmarks is the actual "Title Tag" of the page which yours should read like:

    Here's what I believe a "Website Title" field should look like:

    "5 Tips to Optimize Your Chromebook"  or whatever the web page may be about at ***********

    Furthermore -- I would write 10 - 20 different titles -- and then also spin each one of them heavily.

    Usually, there is a "keywords" section in bookmark submission which are comma separated keyword TAGS and have a limit length of around 43 characters.  Not sure if the keyword tags in SER's bookmark submission uses the "keywords" field that is comma separated (right below "Use the root/main URL in variations" in your screenshot above) -- but I have a feeling it is.

    I use Bookmark Demon -- and I've done a lot of runs that do help with indexing and such -- but you won't get much SERP boost from just bookmarking, and you could get a negative effect if you don't do enough website title variations and descriptions.

    Maybe I'm premature in saying what I've said because you are testing it out -- but just trying to help out.
  • Well yea, normally the website title is used as the anchor text for bookmarks, and the keywords are used as tags - at least that's how its been sofar. At least that's how it's been sofar. Subsequently, the anchor texts should be used as the website title.
  • SvenSven

    Just enter %anchor_text% in "Website Title" of your project and the program uses that.

    Though for TIER projects you will still see that it uses the <title></title> from the website you submit.

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    Well, that's what I did and it used none of the generic keywords or the secondary anchors (see screenshot)
  • SvenSven
    Oh just checked the screenshot now ;) Well all should work than really. From code point of view this is all correct even there. "Generic anchors" are not used for bookmark engines but the secondary is.
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