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Some questions regarding verification

Hi folks,

I'm a bit confused about the verification process but I hope someone could answer my questions - perhaps @sven or any others of you:

1.) email verification:
If Ser verifies my emails, he takes a bunch of 100 mails and verifies.
Does it look for an activation link ? Or what does Ser do in this step ?
I recognized that - though my threads are displayed 0 (zero) the email verification process is running. Does it show 0 threads when Ser verifies the emails ?

2.) platforms for verification
If I submit to only forums for example and it comes to verification: does Ser go through all the links in the "submitted" directory and test the links in this list against all possible engines or does Ser recognized "oh, only forums selected" and he only checks the forum engines in the verification process ?

3.) How long does it take to verify a project with 10 emails inside ?
My verification process takes forever and I see the "submitted" count only slowly decreasing. I verify with 300 threads but its so slow. I read about some guys who get 100 000 links a day verified ? I wonder how this could be...

4.) Submitting millions of links - how ?
My lpm is actually about 150 for posting links - I run about 30 projects with lists of links in each project. If I'm lucky and Ser doesn't crash, I can submit to about 200 000 links in 24 hours. How are you processing lists of MILLIONS of links ? I mean: what is your lpm and how are you handling this huge ammount of links ?

5.) Increasing threads for verification and decreasing for submission - possible ?
Another question depends on the threads: how many threads are you using in general ? Are you always using 100, 150, 300, 600 or whatever threads for everything ? Or are you switching the number of threads when it comes to verification ? A higher number for verification or a lower number ?

6.) Verification every 1440 minutes or higher or automatically or what's the best setting for this ?
What's your settings for verification ? Let it "automatically" verify, every 1440 minutes or every week or manually ?
How does the verification work if I set it to "automatical" ?
What's best practise for the verification process ?

A lot of questions, I know but I'm a bit confused of this. I hope someone could help me and answer a few questions...
Thanks for your help.



  • SvenSven

    1) it logs in to the email provider and checks for verification links as well as other things like a login or password if that was sent to you. It turns to 0 threads here if no targets are left. If there are, it starts some submissions during checking emails.

    2) it checks all URLs no matter what engines you selected now.

    3) Use some custom verification here and use the option to remove urls after first verification try.

    4) -

    5) Threads are shared between all projects so it's not possible to specify how many for verification or submission.

    6) auto will check links according to engine settings, else you specify how.

  • Many thanks for your answers. After checking "Remove after 1st verification" verification seems much faster and finds more verified links now.
  • @sven what does "remove after verification" do?
  • goonergooner
    I believe it deletes the link after trying once (unsuccessfully) to verify it, as oppose to keeping it in submitted and trying to verify over the next 5 days.
  • SvenSven
    what @gooner said ;)
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