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Random URLs and anchors

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Hello everyone,

I have imported a list of tier 1 links to a new GSA project. Also I have imported a list of anchors. In order to create contextual links I have entered this code <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> 4 times inside an article. What I have noticed is that when I submit the article it has 4 links, which point all to the same URL and have the same anchor. What I really want to accomplish is to choose randomly from the list of 980 URLs that I have imported and also to choose a random anchor text from the 52 that I have imported. In that way all those 4 URLs will be different and they will have also a different anchor text.

Could you help me please?


  • I need clarification on this as well please -- at least for Article Directory promotion.

    BTW -- nikol -- are you doing this for promotion other than for Article Directories?  For article directories, I would suggest no more than 2 anchor text links within the body of the article.

    Any clarification on how to get random URLs within the body for 2 or more links would be great.

    But I can do the first promo with just anchor texts in the resource box.
  • Hello fullspeed,

    I am using this method in order to create tier 2 links to my tier 1 links. From each article that I post (Wikis, Article Directories) I get 4 links pointing to my tier 1 links. Unfortunately GSA always posts the same URL 4 times in each article with the same anchor text. Note that I have scattered <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> across the spinned articles that I used in my tier 2 projects. I really need to find a way to post random URLs and anchor texts,  so these 4 URLs pointing to my tier 1 links to be unique and different.

  • This has been discussed couple of times..Gsa doesn't support this..this is the feature I have requested couple of times but seems its not coming soon..I just hand inset the links ...if enough people request foe this feature may be Sven will do something
  • Well -- right now -- just looking at the merge file I see here -- I would say that what you can do is use this merge field:

    "%spinfile-<filename>% - takes a random line in that file"

    Put your URLs in a text file -- and use %spinfile-URLfile.txt%

    Put your anchor text in a text file -- and use %spinfile-ATfilename.txt% 

    Having not used that merge field yet -- I am just GUESSING that is the format for the merge field -- and I'm sure you would test first -- and then can report back the results.

    That's prior to having Sven intervene with fixing this to work or giving us the remedy/solution.

    If you do try the above, please report back.  
  • @senty4love -- why wouldn't it work using a spinfile???

    Can't you use CUSTOM spinfiles?

    I figure it could be the SAME format as is used in the About me:

    {There is nothing|Not much|Nothing|Got nothing} to {say|tell|write} about {me|myself} {at all|really|I think}.
    {I enjoy of finally being|Great to be|Enjoying to be|Finally|Feels good to be|Lovely to be|Nice to be here and|Hurrey Im here and|Yes! Im} a {member|part} of {this {site|community}|%targetdomain%}.
    I {really|just} {wish|hope} {Im|I'm|I am} useful {at all|in {one|some} way {here.|.}}
    {My name|Name}: %spinfile-names.dat% %spinfile-lnames.dat%
    {My age|Age}: %random-18-40%
    Country: %columnspinfile-address_data.dat-1%
    {Home town|Town|City}: %columnspinfile-address_data.dat-3% 
    {Post code|ZIP}: %columnspinfile-address_data.dat-4%
    {Street|Address}: %columnspinfile-address_data.dat-5%
    {My name is|I am %random-18-40% years old and my name is} %spinfile-names.dat% %spinfile-lnames.dat%. I life in %columnspinfile-address_data.dat-3% (%columnspinfile-address_data.dat-1%).
  • fullspeed..yes spinfile is one option..but insted of going through creating files just for anchor and urls ..I just hadspun urls into if i have 100 tier1 links .. I just split them in 3 groups and put them in spin format and just insert into article..
  • Ah -- I see -- you just did RAW insertion of the links in spintax in place on non-working merge code %link_with_anchor_text% type thing...  definitely simpler application
  • Guys even if we manually insert our tier 2 linbks into the articles, GSA wont be able to verify those links AND it will also posts its "own" links as: Please visit my homepage....My anchor text

    The reason to do all this is to create easy, massively and without leaving a footprint links to our tier 1 links. If the command <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> was pulling random URLs from our URL list and random anchor texts from our spinned anchors each time that was used in an article, our problem will not be in existence. Right now if we use 10 times this command in the article we will create backlinks to the same URL with the same anchor!

    Could you please Sven alter the functionality of <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a>  in order to work as we describe earlier? I think that it would be much more useful and practical.

    Thank you for your time
  • @nikol .. I may be wrong but here is what my settings are

    I just upload urls in url filed [dont attach any keywords to them]..i dont select any settings for anchor text..then i insert links in article and GSA perfectly produce them when posting

    If i select any anchor text settings ..gsa scan for anchor text in article and if couldnt find any , then just add link at the bottom [thats how this anchor text function works i think] if u have handcoded link in article GSA just ignores that  and look for anchor text or %anchor_text% tag and if dont find any then add link at bottom

    correct me if I am wrong
  • SvenSven

    @senty4love thats exactly how it works. Though I see the need for some people to add more links in there article. The program will only verify one URL on that page but might be handy indeed.

    But still I don't know how to code that and not break the current behavior that %anchor_text% and %url% must be fixed in order to keep scripts working (some use these variables to search for certain things on verification).

  • @senty4love -- when you say "then i insert links in article and GSA perfectly produce them when posting"

    Okay -- so you insert links in article how?  What are you using?

    And when you say GSA perfectly produces them -- does this mean that whatever you insert to produce a link, GSA inserts a RANDOM URL if you have many URLs in the URL field?  

    And are you saying that you do NOT put any spun keywords in the "Anchor Text" fields?

    If you could walk me through so I can understand a little better -- but I will test soon here as well.
  • SvenSven
    @fullspeed just put <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> into your article and it will replace the data with random anchor/url.
  • Awesome -- thx!
  • edited October 2012
    I use two ways to insert links in articles

    Method 1

    - I mainly use it for tier1 links ..when I am linking to my money site. I like to insert money url into articles at random places..this way it will leave least footprints
    - For that I use <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a>. eg. my article has 5 para and each para is spinned 20 times. suppose I have to insert link in second para .. I just go throuh all 20 spinned paras and insert this tag in each para..This way when GSA produce the final article, my link will be in second para.
    - Sometimes if my article is keyword rich, I use 'embed url for anchor text. [right click in article field and select this parameter]. I just upload my money site url in url field along with my primary keyword and secodary keyword attached to that url .Then i select anchor text variations [like domain as anchor text =30%, raw anchor text 30% ..and so on]...So when GSA scan my article it will look for primary keyword in my article and when if find it, it just insert url there..Only downside of this method is if your article dosen't have enough keywords, GSA will insert link at bottom. What I do is I select one para and try to add my keywords manually multiple times [this option is a bit unreliable..sometimes it works sometime dosne't ..i dont use it often..I tend to go to %url% tag as you are 100% sure your link will be at right place]

    Method 2

    - This is for tier2 sites where I want multiple links inserted into articles. Here I can't use <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> this tag as if I use say 3 times this tag, GSA will insert same url 3 times into article which not what I want to do.
    - For this I just completely ignore all GSA's anchor text parameters. I just hand code my links into article. Say I have 30 tier1 links. I split them in 3 groups, 10 each. Now I grab bunch of related keywords. Then I use spintax like this <a href="{url1|url2|url3 and so on}">{keyword1|keyword2|keyword3 and so on}</a>
    - I insert this spintaxt 3 times in article. [I use KM to produce this as if u go to do that manually it will take ages to do that].
    -This gives me more control over how many links I want in each articles and where they are going.

    For the second method, it would make our life really easy if Sven can get this <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> tag to produce random urls and keywords. Right now it just grab only one url from url list..

    Hope this helps
  • @senty4love -- appreciate the time you took to explain.  At the end you said "it would make our life really easy if Sven" -- but if you look at what Sven said in the post above yours -- apparently, it IS supposed to put in a RANDOM URL.  At least, that's the way I read it.  :D
  • only if u use it once..if u use that url tag multiple times, it dosen't choose different insert same url multiple times [with different anchor text]...say u use <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> 3 times in article and u have 10 urls in url field...what that tag does is, it grab just one out of 10 urls and repeat it 3 times..just try that in test campaign and u will c what i am saying..
  • ah -- gotcha -- so you can ONLY use it once throughout the article -- got it!  Thx for clarity on that.  I can now feel the edges of the table now -- and barely starting to make out the four legs...  :-B
  • I still think that if there is a merge code for a swipe file -- that would be the easiest system in the meantime since you have to create URLs for GSA and keywords as well.

    Just make a file say -- "swipe-auto-site-URL.dat" and "swipe-auto-site-anchor-text.dat" and that'll run through it perfectly since it just takes a random line.

    Or just do the combined URL method of and put it into one .dat file.  This has a bit more control and there are certain pages that I would rather not rank for certain keywords as it's not a good visitor experience.
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