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How many proxies? How to calculate the proxy needs?

I was using GSA Ser+INdexer+CB on my laptop, with low threads and a few projects (just to test), and everything was working pretty well for my needs. I used only 10 semi-dedicated proxies.

Now I puchased a VPS (2 Gb Ram) by solidseovps, so it can works for my projects with much more threads (I'm around 180-200 threads). I wonder now if i need more proxies, and how to determine how many proxies I need.

It depends only of the threads I'm using, or als the number of projects... or what else?

Thanks for the help!



  • SvenSven
    You should at least get 10 proxies. The more the better it is here.
  • I already have 10.
    But if I have, let'say, 30 proxies intotla, will increase the LPM?
  • SvenSven
    yes as more proxies means more search engine queries and more targets to post to.
  • Thanks Sven, perfect answers! :-)
  • What would be a good thread / proxie ratio?

  • Someone in this forum say 5 thread for each semi-private proxy and 10 for each private proxy.
    Someone else say 10 thread for each proxy, doesn't matter id semi-private ar private.

    I'm using 30 semi-private with 180 thread (1/6), with I think good results. Anyway I can't use more threads just because my VPS doesn't support more (I'm always around 95% CPU Usage).
  • I've found that you can run 10 threads per semi-dedicated proxy quite happily, provided they're from a decent supplier. That's just running SER + CB by the way.
  • I'm going to ask a newbie question:
    if i want to send 10k submit forms with GSA website contact,
    and I'm in no rush to do them right away...
    Can I configure 5 maximum threads for scraping and 5 for submit form sender and work with 35 private proxies?

    What is the difference between a thread and a form submit submission?
    The possibility of having more proxies, is it to give more threads per minute and faster sending or does it have to do with not being detected as spam?

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