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The little trick you can use to index more backlink without spending money

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In first, you must understand it is very difficult for googlebot to find orphelin page like profiles or ardvaark page (directory) so you blast only target that creat orphelin page like advaark and profil, GSA will store them.

In second part, use only target that create page like ARTICLE, Blog and forum post and a bottom of your post use code, it will linkwheel all your posts, BUT it will link orphelin page in priority as they are in majority of your success at beginning.

third part, duplicate your project for tier, think to clear cache and target history and use global site list only with verified value.
Like this, this project will re-use existing account JUST for index existing URL

Fourth parth, to verify your linking you can use ahrefs or majestic seo, but every time i hide a personal footprint in all content i submit just to be able to check because the most important part is not wich link ahrefs found, but wich link googlebot find. By using this tip you will see your real link network.

Bonus: If you own xrumer, you can use filelink to tell xrumer to open your success list and link it at bottom of created topic.

Feel free to ask if you have some question, if i see you like this kind of post i will share more seo tricks i use for a better ranking.



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