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My URL is posted twice in Guestbooks

edited October 2012 in Bugs

I have imported a list of guestbooks to GSA and I edited the default comment text. I have noticed that my URL is posted twice in each comment (i.e in Phoca platform
Also visit my homepage ------ Also visit my site ... -------). Could you please investigate this?

Thank you for your time


  • SvenSven
    Could you pm me the exact link?
  • I was looking through Google's index and found that GSA SER had posted MULTIPLE blog comments to the same blog when I have the option box ticked to "Avoid posting URL on same domain twice"

    Wish I took a screenshot because I just took a look through Google's index to find the multiple indexed blog pages on this site -- but I'm sure I could find the site in my in list of verified links.
  • SvenSven

    there was a bug in the Phoca Guestbook script and it is fixed now.

    However that other thing that you @fullspeed is talking about is unknown to me. I might need a project backup as well for that and details.

  • I can get you a project back -- no problem. 

    I could not find the problem that I originally saw in the SERPs, but I just checked again.

    I found it on Page 15 -- -- there's three different pages that the blog comment was made -- however, the comment has already been DELETED by the site owner -- however, I can certainly identify that the anchor text highlighted is the one I was using...

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