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GSA SER-Captcha Bug

I thought this is should be SER Captcha bug ( At least my ser have this problem),
my english not good, so i catch some photos prove it.

1) Into here, and Click - Add

2) You can add any new captcha, e.g Death By Captcha

3) you can input any username/password, remember, any! And Click - Test

4) And Then will pop up a window, click - Yes

5) Will show message "Login successfully. Your Ballance is:9.99"  

If you don't believe, you can try!
I hope your SER is normal.


  • cherubcherub
    Is your Captcha Breaker set up to run as a webserver? If so then it is probably set to emulate DBC. Disable the run as webserver option or select a different service to emulate if you want to use a DBC account at the same time.
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