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Suggestion to "Turn OFF" URLs

edited October 2012 in Feature Requests
I think that a feature to simply turn OFF URLs in projects will help in focusing purely on URLs that need more focusing ON...
without adding a new project...  

I hope that makes sense..


  • I was thinking along the line of "Locked" on/off in the status bar. I have many test template url and i dont want them to be active at all. With a lock command we would be safer.
  • @koz sorry bud, not understanding what you mean by "Locked"??  if you mean deleting them from a campaign that is easy enough.. simply go to the campaign.. use dropdown to the particular URL you DON'T want and simply delete and this the campaign never creates links to it..

    what I mean is this..  on some sites you might have 10 URLs that you want to promote...  once  these pages do well based on the keywords chosen.. I would like the opportunity to either turn OFF link building do that particular URL or reduce building to that URL..

    does that make sense??

  • I see what you mean, good idea actually.  

     My "locked" idea was more on the status menu level. Its too easy to click active or inactive on some project that you want to keep "locked" off . I make template and  test sites and would hate to have them active without noticing it.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Why don't you just set them to inactive. Works well for me. OR create a group at the bottom for these "Locked" projects - set all projects in group to inactive. :-)
  • well, because that could very well cause havok when you have 10 different projects (domains) going..

    I view projects as domains...  if each domain has 1000 URLs you can actually put 1000 URLs in one project..

    I see what you are saying.. I just figured everyone is using projects they way I am.. obviously NOT.. :-)

    In essence.. you can create one URL for each project..  I am just not looking forward to seeing that page.. :-)
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