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how to get Captcha Breaker to use a specific engine


I am trying to improve on one of the captchas used for the article beach platform. So I have successfully downloaded about 50 captchas, edite them to correct answers, ran the brute force on them and it came up with a soultion about 46%. 
But when I run the Article Beach platform  using SER It does not use the improved engine. it recognises/detects it as one of 5-6 but keeps selecting the "wrong" one. Is there a way in the SDK to make it use the improved ? The new as number 3 on the list



  • SvenSven

    You can do that yes.

    a) delete the original one

    b) send me the improved definition and I try to add it on next update

    c) edit original one and rename it and also it's alternative names

    d) uncheck it in the listing and use the option to handle unchecked types as not being present.

  • Ok I have sent it directly to you..

  • the allowed chars should be "23456789bcdfghjkmnpqrstvwxyz"
    that increasses the successrate...
  • SvenSven
    but there is no article beach captcha type...what captcha you use?
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