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Only 8% Do Follow Link - Penalty?

I just realized one of my sites dropping from 2nd to no 8th now for a keyword in very low competition niche. I think almost no one does link building. After Google algo update around 18th December, that ranking drop happened. I just finished doing an analysis of my backlinks (I downloaded all the submission URL from GSA, check whether they were indexed, looked at exact anchor percentage, and also looked at follow/no follow link). Some things that I notice are 1. My do follow links are only 8% (39 out of 478) 2. My exact anchor text (eg. blue diamond) is only 8%. However, since my domain is EMD (, total percentage of anchor text that has words "blue diamond" (including "best blue diamond", blue diamond, and, etc) is 34% 3. The percentage of links coming from deindexed domains is only 6%. My guesstimate is, reason no. 1 and no 2 are the culprit for my ranking drop. Do you guys think the same thing? Thanks in advance for your input!!!

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  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited January 2014 Accepted Answer

    You haven't been penalised.

    It sounds to me like google just re-evaluated the SERP, decided that your site didn't deserve to rank where it did, and moved it accordingly (for whatever reason).

    Just keep building links to the site at the same rate and it should gradually climb back up.

  • Accepted Answer
    Or it's some kind of hick-up from g* - did you check your ranking on different datacenters ? Deleted cache, cookies, ect ?
    Or it's the hummingbird algo. It could be that your user experience is bad or they don't find what they actually search (klicking on the link to your site and returning after 20 seconds to g* again).
    All of these are factors that can bring your site down in ranking...
  • Accepted Answer
    keep building links, make sure they are contextual.
  • Accepted Answer
    Doesn't sound like a penalty to me necessarily. My advice would be to make your links stronger. If your T1 links have a PA of zero then they are very weak links to begin with. Build up some authority through heavy tiering. This has always worked for me.


  • Hey, thanks 2Take2. Because my domain is EMD, I can't put too much domain name as my anchor text, can I? Also, do you think it's normal to have high percentage of no-follow link like my site?
  • Hi Magix. Yes, it's been 2 weeks now. You are probably right as well because my site has a high bounce rate. I will probably put a video to keep visitors in my page. Thanks for the recommendation as well Rodol.
  • Thanks for your suggestions guys. Yes, building more links works :) The ranking goes back to where it was.
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