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Struggling with SER :(

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hey guys, I am learning how to use this great seo tool but am having some difficulties, maybe someone will be kind and help me :) Am running couple of projects but having poor results on backlinks. I will give just one example for my T1. I run it like one moth now and have 25 verivied links on it lol. What I do is: - using spun content - 10+ hotmail emails (working fine, no blacklisted) - 10 private proxys from InstantProxies (serch engine + posting) - keywords manula serched with google planner - captcha sniper - using Article, social bookmarks, social network, web 2.0, wiki - 30 +- 4 verified links/ day - use url from global list - PR 2+ - no backlinks for unknown PR - skip more than 100 outbound What i currently did is used scrape box to find links. I used some footprinst i found online and i scraped lots of keywords releted to my niche. I found 50k urls and imported to project, but... On every url am having on completly fresh list "already parsed" (!?) message, or download failed ect. GSA is pretty much useles to me then. Dont know what am doing wrong.


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    Try and disable PR check, outbound check and see how it goes. IMHO for starters I would just let SER do the scraping.
  • I did let it scrape and had poor results too.
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