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[Suggestion] ZLinkslist for GSA?

edited October 2012 in Feature Requests

I have another suggestion for GSA, which stems from another tool many of us may know. 

If you don't know what a ZLinkslist is: It is basically a list that saves the target site where the message/article (etc.) is posted into a separate text file, so that on the next run the tool knows where on a targetsite to look for the form/fields and fill them in that much faster. This increases the speed of the submission ten-fold, if not more. It's like a memory storage for fields and forms. 

I don't know if it's easy to integrate, but for people who run a lot of the same target lists over and over, this might be a viable option to add. 


  • SvenSven
    hmm sorry I don't know what this should do. You got one sample file?
  • The advantage is: Instead of letting the tool find the page where it can post by itself, the ZLinkslist already has the exact page saved. So if you import your target Zlinkslist, you will submit your details/articles/comments/forum posts etc. a LOT faster. 

    Just as an example (this is how it works with xRumer)

    I scrape some target list of let's say blogs, guestbooks and forums. Then I'll clean the scrape and run it once in xr. This run will normally be done with roughly 500-750 links per minute, because the tool has to actually look for the register page/comments, find the necessary fields to fill in etc and then post your article/thread/comment. But at the same time, the tool saves the successfull sites into a ZlinksList with the exact page and the necessary fields that it needs to fill in on that specific target site.

    After the run is done, you can now simply use the Zlinkslist with all the successful sites and run it again with new details. This run will now be done with up to 5000 links per minute (depending on the list and the vps/dedicated server + proxies of course). But the speed increase is incredible. 

    Since we (and I guess a lot fo other people too) run the same target lists over and over, this would be a great addition (if it's actually implementable). GSA is fast already, but this would be really awesome.

    I'll pm you some of the examples of a zLinkslist (forums).

  • SvenSven
    Hmm I would need more information on how this should work. e.g. what does [N] mean or how they are suppose to handle captchas and alike.
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