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How to Get Verified Links for Wordpress?? It's Not working for me.

I have scraped a huge list of article directories with significantly good number of wordpress article directories included in it. But the problem is when I started using them in the project, all other article sites like drupal blog, xpressengine, YAD, buddypress work well and also got many verified links of them. But the wordpress sites seem to be not working to me.. ?? The account creation is successful but submission or verification is not!!..

Can anyone help me out with this problem..

All other sites are working well - Submission - Verification..... but with wordpress only account creation is done but it is returning an error. I have attached the image below please check it out..



  • SvenSven
    wordpress sites do not allow you to submit articles by default. you can register/login but thats it usually. sorry, not much you can do here.
  • Thank You for the reply @Sven, but what about  pligg sites, most of them are registered but when verified it shows only the profile url and none of the intended bookmarks were submitted.

    I mean when I sign up it shows the profile page and not the actual bookmark which I want to get submitted...?? I have not been able to submit even a single bookmark ..

    Can you please answer this,.... I have no clue ... am a first time user.. Is anything wrong on my side..
  • SvenSven
    The bookmarking works on my end as well. What do you see in the log when this is done? Is it posting any error with the submission?
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    I could not figure out what s happening here. Pligg not even one bookmark done so far... It just registers and puts my link on the user profile page.. but where is the bookmark.. ?? I have no clue about this. So decided to post them here..

    If I m wrong please let me know how to exactly get a valid bookmark and not the profile page.. Eg...
  • cherubcherub
    The logs say you're skipping 'Bookmark-Anchor text' link types. You'll need to enable these in your project options > Type of Backlinks to create
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I've always had problems with bookmarks. It seems the only time I get the actual bookmark link verified is when I enable the profile link for them.

    However, when I enable the profile link type, when I use the same account data for multiple bookmark campaings, SER seems to always update/change the profile link on the accounts.

    @Sven, i'm going to send you my bookmark account information along with a backup of the same project that I use to duplicate for each bookmark campaign that I create. Will try to get this to you within the next 24 hours or so. Hope you will be able to figure out why the bookmark engines are not verifying/creating the actual bookmarks.
  • Hi @Cherub I have enabled only Pligg bookmarks.. And got the above results as you can see from the images...
  • cherubcherub
    So in your project options section, under the heading 'Type of Backlinks to create' you have a tick mark next to 'Bookmark-Anchor text'?
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    Yup It was not ticked. Thanks @Cherub :)

    A relief... Working..
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