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SER v.7.25 Crashing Everyday

Hi guys,

Is it me or from 7.23 SER is crashing everyday?

I have the same configuration on my VPS for the past 10 months and was running SER smoothly at 250 threads.

Now I've lowered the number to 210 and still crashing.


What do you think?

Any help is appreciated.



  • Must be something wrong at you man. I run it with 500 Threads , 100 Timeout and 20 private proxies for submission . Didnt crash 1 time . How much Ram you have ?
  • 4GB

    I'm with Berman Hosting. Maybe it's on their side.

    I'll contact them right NOW.
  • Mine crashes all the time when I change Inactive to Active or vice versa. I have to manually change each one now or it dies. I have a super-quick dedicated server (32GB, 8core) so I cannot believe it's the server's fault.
  • Anybody got this problem?

    I've contacted Berman Hosting and they said the VPS it's pretty solid. No problems on their side!

    I'm on 7.26 and still that error appears "Out of Memory".

  • @JudderMan When this type of stuff happens, I roll back. My 2 cents.
  • goonergooner
    I'm getting out of memory too. Is it true that you can't up the memory limit on a 64 bit system?

    SER has 2gb memory limit and i have similar to dedi to @judderman (32GB, 8core)

    I'm running SER & Scrapebox and i've never seen CPU usage or physical memory usage go past 40%, yet SER says out of memory when it hits 2gb, there must be a way to fix this?

    @sven - Any help please? The server can handle at least double the resources that SER is using, so why out of memory?

    @coneh34d - This has been happening ever since i got the server, 2 - 3 updates ago. So i don't think rollback will work for me.
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    @gooner @Judderman --> I wrote a best selling book on Windows server (just saying...) If you want me to, I can look at your event logs... just Dropbox them to me. Start > Run > eventvwr

    Once in the Event Viewer please go to Administrative Events and on the right hand side choose Export Custom View.


    I cant say for sure what the issue is whithout having a look.

    A very simple solution to your issue IF it is related to some application with a memory leak is to run Koshyjon's Memory Cleaner. This is written by a guy who now works for Microsoft so it is not some crap piece of software.

  • goonergooner
    @coneh34d - Thanks, that's really nice of you to do that. I'll shoot you a PM.
  • I have this memory cleaner running in the background and the popup appears though the memory cleaner is active and though the cleaner shows me enough available memory left. After killing Ser and restarting it again (without activating/de-activating projects after the restart) it runs now without the popup for about 6 hours.
    I found out that with 7.23 the popup appears later than on the newer versions.
  • goonergooner
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    I tried it also, with similar results. It cleans up about 100mb of space for me.
    Thanks @coneh34d for the tip, i'll still send you the log if that's ok?

    @magix have you tried to run memory cleaner on schedule every 5 mins? Testing that now
  • @gooner Shoot it to me. I'll be around
  • Still crashing at 7.36

    Installed Memory Cleaner. I'll let you know guys how things will work.

    Thanks for your input.

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