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Hi folks,

I am confused about the email handling and importing:
what's the difference between an email account with 9 alias emails and 10 normal email accounts ? How does Ser handle this ? How does Ser know that in the first example it only has to check one email account and use 10 email addresses from the first account to post ?
How must I insert the email account with the 9 aliases ? All wrapped in spin tags like {||ect.} or each one in a separate line ?
When I import emails and alias in separate lines and I hit "test" it reports me only one email account as good - the other 9 as failes. Is this correct ?

I hope someone could clear-up this handling. Sorry for the beginners questions but in the manual section I found nothing about this...

Thanks for your help...



  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    It would make no difference as the login/password/pop3 server setting is the same even for the 10 added email accounts. The program knows that this account belongs to more than one email.

    How you add the aliases is up to you. The result after spinning should be valid email address belonging to that account.

  • Okay - I thought that if I work with alias emails I could tell Ser which one to check and which are alias emails.
    To reduce threads for checking the emails. Would be perhaps a suggestion for an improvement of the email option: mark main email(s) and verify only main email(s) - not the alias mail-accounts.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    No need for this. SER knows that by default and nothing can be improved here really.
  • Okay...didn't know this...thanks for your help
  • @Sven if ser found a email was failed to login, will it still use this email to register ? thanks
  • SvenSven
    yes it will :/
  • Perhaps an improvement for Ser: if failed to login more than x times -> don't use this email for posting anymore.
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