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How can I add another manually created Tier 1 link to my tier 2 project

I have my own URL that I created manually and is a Tier 1.

At the moment my project Tier 2 creates tier 2 links to verified Tier 1 Links.

How can I include my own manually created Tier 1 link in the projecy Tier 2, so that it also creates tier 2 to my link as well?

Thanks for your help.


  • Edit the Tier One project, and on the URL field, click Edit > Add URL
  • @coneh34d the program wont allow me to choose both verified URLS from Tier 1 and to input URLS manually
  • @youngcouple10 You are editing the wrong project. The URL you mentioned earlier is a Tier 1 URL. Add that URL to the Tier 1 project, not the Tier 2 project.
  • Sorry I am not following.

    Let me draw it out here.

    Project 1 - Build Links To Money Site
    Project 2- Build Link to verified of project 1

    Now to where shall I add my own tier 1 link?
  • he told you correctly; if it is a tier 1 link; add it to your tier 1 project
  • You dont seem to understand. Adding my link to that first project would be telling the project to create links to my new link alongside my moneysite. 

    I dont want that. I want my Tier 2 types of links to point at this site, and because that has the chosen option of use verified URLs, it doesnt let me import it into there.

  • right click your tier 1 project --> show verified --> now you can import your manually build links into the verified list of t1. t2 project will pick your added links.
  • Hi @d3ad, thats cool, where is the import button
  • right click in the verified url window and you will get a menu where you can select "import verified urls"
  • Wicked, thanks for the pointer. Are you sure that wont overwrite the previous ones?
  • yes, im sure.
  • Now thats what I call well answered. Thanks a lot for your help!
  • @d3ad << Thanks! and @youngcouple10 >> now I see what you were asking. Sorry for the confusion.
  • @coneh34d no problem, I wasnt sure if I was going mad or something ;)
  • Thanks for the answer  @d3ad

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