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How to set up three keywords in article manager?


i have checked GSA SER all options, Can't find this option.
i want to Insert the three keywords in each article, if i post articles.

e.g. my three keywords as follow,
follow are my article manager options,

and when i click the preview, only find one keyword in the article,
somebody who knows how to set three keywords?



  • anyone knows? thanks.
  • Do you want to link to them as anchor text or just want them in the article?
  • luis , I haven't set any keywords in my article,
    so how to set by GSA SER program,
    then click the "preview", CAN find three keywords in the article?

    if put the keyword in article, i know how to do, like follow picutre.
  • anyone know?
    i have other way make three or any keyword in article,
    but i just want to know, is that can set up keyword by GSA SER?
    how to set up?
    happy new year.
  • SvenSven

    To insert keywords you can use the macro %keyword% for a random one or %keyword1% to %keyword3% for the one in the list represented by the number.

  • Sven I'm used KM3 to insert keywords (%url% + %anchor_text) now.
    but thanks for your advice.

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