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option "Pause the project after"expanded

edited December 2013 in Feature Requests
Hi Sven,

another feature that could be a nice one is this:
add a feature to the project -> edit -> options section that does this:
when ticked "Pause the project after xx submissons/verifications" add the following option:
[ ] increase number of submissons/verifications every yy minutes/hours/days by zz links/% (percent)
[ ] until max number of xyz links is reached.

To increase the the number of submissions/verifications automatically without editing the projects by hand.
Is this useful ? What do you think ?



  • SvenSven
    sounds useful but might not be included on next versions sorry, maybe later.
  • Okay - perhaps if more users find it useful. Just keep it in mind. Thanks for having a look at my suggestion...
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