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using sitelist - question regarding the behavior of Ser

Hi folks,

I have a question: if I use Ser only to post to the "verified" list of the sitelist for a specific project and during the posting process some links of the "verified" list don't work anymore: are they automatically deleted from the "verified" list and added to "failed" list or will they remain there untill they fail xx times untill they get moved/deleted ?
I mean this: does a one-time failure of a link lead to a delting/moving process or does this only happen after - for example - 3 submissions with status "failed" ?



  • ronron
    I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think anything you mentioned has anything to do with whether it stays on the list.

    I only know of two things you can do to prune the list: 1) Re-verify your verified links, which is a setting in your project - and you can also highlight verified links and re-verify manually, and 2) Use the Clean Up checker in the advanced tool settings.

    I recently stopped re-verification of links as I have lost enormous numbers of links from my verified list, and I don't think it is worth it. Maybe T1. Even then, many failed re-verifications are false positives. There could be problems at the website server, line noise, etc. So you end up losing a lot of legitimate links over time. I would rather have a fat site list with some bad links vs. a really skinny but highly accurate list. 
  • Ah okay - I see. Thanks for the explanation. I thought it works like described above. If it does nothing than only posting it's okay for me. 
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